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Technical Requirements

Download ALT Access
Download ALT Access ALT Access Icon

In the event that you are having trouble connecting to your online learning institution you can use the ALT Access tool, which you can download below, to connect to the site via an alternate route.  The ALT Access tool will essentially provide a detour to your online learning institution should the main connection fail.  Downloading the tool will take less than five minutes.
ALT Access Icon Download ALT Access Now
Note: When using the ALT Access feature to access your course the following features in your course will not be available: Chat, ClassLive, and all Audio/Video material.
How to download ALT Access for Macintosh OS:
1.  Click Download ALT Access Now to begin the download process.
2.  When the download process begins the download manager will open and display the progress of the download.
3.  After the tool has been downloaded the ALT Access icon will appear on the desktop.
4.  Double click on the ALT Access icon to complete the installation process.
5.  In the first step of the installation process click "Install" and follow the default instructions.

ALT Access Help Information:
After you have downloaded the ALT Access Tool an icon will be added to your desktop.  To activate the tool simply click on the ALT Access icon and a login form will open.   If you are unable to access your online learning website as you normally do, you can use this alternate login as a detour to that site.

To use this alternate access, enter your regular Login name/User ID and password in the fields provided. The User ID and Password are both case sensitive.  Then enter the URL or web address of your online learning institution in the URL field.  You do not need to include the http://www part of the address (although you may).

For example, login using your regular login information in the ALT Access login page (either with or without the www in the URL):

Login name/User ID: lisap
Password: password
Online Learning URL: www.schoolurl.edu

When you login with the ALT Access feature, you will be taken to your regular online learning website.

If you're still having problems accessing your site, please contact the Help Desk.

In order to make the most of your online learning experience, there are several technical requirements you will need to fulfill. Refer to the guidelines below to help ensure your online success.

Wondering if your browser meets the specs? Click on the Browser Test button to find out.

System Requirements

Browser Requirements

Releases of supported browsers will be tested within 30 days of their public release date. Due to the rapid release cycles of some supported browsers we will support the latest major releases of each browser. When using older versions of a browser, users risk running into problems with the course software.

Mobile Requirements

Feature Requirements

These commonly used plugins may be required depending on the course or program. You will be able to access your course without them; however, you may not be able to access the specific feature.

Additional Information

Satellite & Cellular internet connections: If this is the only connection you have access to please note that you may experience sporadic issues while working in your online courses. If you report these problems to the helpdesk we will attempt to address them with your Satellite or Cellular connection provider

Wireless Routers/Connections: While working in your online courses via a wireless router or wireless connection you may experience problems such as various error messages. If you contact the online Helpdesk please be aware that part of the troubleshooting process may be to have you bypass your wireless router or connection. If bypassing the wireless router resolves the problems you are experiencing you will either need to continue to bypass the router or contact the router's manufacturer's support to further diagnose the source of this problem.